63 million people in rural India are without access to clean water.

Our team developed a plant-based paste that coagulates and removes contaminants in water, and a drink to fund the production of the paste.
Team Lead of 4, Finalist in UVA Social Entrepreneurship Competition
This startup, Amori, was developed as a social venture to provide clean drinking water to rural India by one-to-one selling a functional beverage in the US. Amori produced a plant-based paste that provides a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to existing small-scale water sanitation and filtration methods used by rural families in India. Using the seeds of Moringa oleifera, a tree endemic to Indian, Amori developed a paste formula to be packaged and distributed to rural families in India. This method does not require large levels of infrastructure, nor does it require the importation of expensive chemical agents. Amori financially sustained this social venture through the utilization of the leaves of the same plant as ingredients in a domestically-sold functional beverage product. Amori developed various beverage recipes that incorporate the leaves of Moringa oleifera, which are rich in essential nutrients and aid in homeostatic activity such as the regulation of the cardiovascular system. Its high nutritional content makes it an ideal ingredient and a true “superfood,” one yet to successfully penetrate domestic awareness at the time.
The paste we developed using moringa seeds.
The paste we developed using moringa seeds.
The Moringa drink
The Moringa drink