Garrett Vercoe

Making tools for thought that enhance creativity.

What I Do
    Human–computer Interaction
    Frontend Development
    Product Design, Management and Strategy
    Design Systems
    Data Wrangling and Natural Language Processing
    Computational Design
    Architectural and Spatial Design
    Figure Sculpting
    Slow travel
    Making Youtube Videos

Garrett Vercoe is an American interdisciplinary designer and programmer. He specializes in the building of humane technology that expands what people can think and do.

Garrett is an Engineering Manager and Design Lead at Automattic, where he helps build new products and features at He’s also a founder of Spolia Lab, an indie design research lab that builds mindful and creative technology by taking inspiration from historical precedent. Previously, he worked as a design researcher at the University of Virginia, where he published research on data-driven agent-based systems and built tools in the EdTech space. He also served as design director at the advertising agency Radical, leading brand and development projects. 

Garrett’s approach to design stems from his training in architecture. With degrees in architecture and cognitive science from the University of Virginia, he blends spatial design, systems design, and psychology into his approach to human-computer interfaces. This website serves as a personal archive to his work.

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